All you need to know About GSTR-3 | MONTHLY RETURN (GSTR-3)



All you need to know About GSTR-2
All you need to know About GSTR-2

 A registered taxpayer shall require to le a return for every calendar month or part thereof within twenty days after the end of such month in GSTR-3.

Compounding scheme: A registered taxable person opted for compounding scheme u/s 8 of GST Act shall require to furnish a return for each quarter or part thereof, electronically, in GSTR-3, within eighteen days after the end of such quarter.


A monthly return contains the following information:

a. inward and outward supplies of goods and/or services;

b. input tax credit availed;

c. tax payable;

d. tax paid; and

e. other particulars as may be prescribed.

GSTR-3 contains two parts Part A and Part B.

Part A contains the Inward Supply, Outward Supply,  Total Tax Liabilities, TDS and TCS credit receipt during the month. Part B contains tax, interest, late fee and penalty paid during the month.

ø Auto Population: most of the information in Part A and Part B of the GSTR-3 shall be electronically generated on the basis of information furnished through returns in FORM GSTR-1, FORM GSTR2, electronic credit ledger, electronic cash ledger and electronic tax liability register of the taxable person.

ø Pending Filing : A registered taxable person shall not be allowed to furnish return for a tax period if valid return for any previous tax period has not been furnished by him.

ø Validity of GSTR-3: Any tax due to appropriate government as per such return shall pay to the credit of such government not later than the last date on which he is required to furnish such return, without such payment the return shall not be treated as a valid return for allowing input tax credit

ø NIL return: If there is not transaction during the month, a NIL return will require to le.

ø Refund Claim: By claiming in GSTR-3, Part-B of any balance in the electronic cash ledger is sufcient, a  registered taxable person shall not require to le a separate refund application.

ø Discovery of omission or incorrectness: if a registered taxpayer discovers any omission or incorrect particulars in GSTR3, he shall rectify such omission or incorrect particulars in the return to be led for the month or quarter, as the case may be, during which such omission or incorrect particulars are noticed, subject to payment of interest, where applicable and as specied in the Act,

ø Such rectication cannot be made if error etc discovered during scrutiny, audit by department.

ø No such rectication of any omission or incorrect particulars shall be allowed after the due date for  ling of return for the month of September or second quarter, as the case may be, following the end of the nancial year, or the actual date of  ling of relevant annual return, whichever is earlier.

ø Any duplication of claims of input tax credit in the details of inward supplies shall be communicated to the registered taxable person in FORM GST ITC1 electronically through the Common Portal


The monthly return led is matched with monthly returns led by other entities who are part of supply chain of the taxpayers. The details of post  ling of GSTR-3 are discussed under Matching of claim of input tax credit.

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