Impact of GST on Iphone Prices | GST Impact on Phones


So in This post we will be analyzing about Impact of GST on Iphone Prices. How prices of Apple I Phone prices are Impacted post GST. We have also made a video on this topic which will demonstrate you the real Impact of GST on Iphone Prices with examples and supporting documents. I have purchased I phone few days back from Amazon so, I will tell you what are the prices before GST and after GST also reason of change in GST Prices

GST Rate on Smart Phones = 12 %

Tax Rates Before GST :

 State/UT Vat Excise Total
In Few states (5) 14 1 15 %
In Remaining States 5 1 6 %


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GST Impact on Phones

In state /Union Territories where VAT is 5% will see an Increase in smart phone prices. On the other hand states where VAT Rate is 14 % will see a decline in the prices of smartphones and specially Iphones. You can watch the complete video below to get details of states and Union territories where prices of smartphone has fallen.

Impact of GST on Iphone Prices | GST Impact on Phones : Video

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Impact of GST on Iphone Prices When we purchase it Online :

Earlier online stores like amazon used to deliver their product from states where VAT rates are as low as 5% . This is to keep price of their product as low as possible in comparison to their competitor. But now as rate of GST is uniform across the country we will see an increase in price of smartphones on online platforms like Amazon , Flipkart and Snapdeal. I have explained same thing in Video above by giving an example of I phone. Do share it with your friends if you like it.

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