About Us

Gstportal.in is a team of Chartered Professionals and students aimed at development of professions and students therein.

It is headed by dedicated Chartered Accountants striving to provide latest updates on GST, important notes on GST, real-time solution for queries, forums and career counselling among other important things which are aimed at making of a better professional out of each student for a promising career to look forward to & for making a hassle free working in upcoming GST environment.

GSTportal.in about us

Apart from that we also provide a network for the members to connect and interact. Basic idea behind that being widening of professional circle and providing an open space for friendly interaction over web which might not be possible at purely social networking sites because of various reasons. Because, our aim is not just friendship and chats, but a level above that, which includes professional circles, where chat means intelligent discussion and friendship leads to further professional help. To put it in other words, we are not a social networking site but a site to provide networking for Chartered Professionals and the budding professionals. This feature is included to help the members open up and interact, because interaction has often resulted in discovery of new problems and also their solution (and obviously solution of existing problems).

Thus we aim to consolidate all that a budding Chartered Professional (and at times a professional) needs at one place to save time and effort spent over searching for right content over the web. You can therefore have all you need at one place and amongst other things socialize with the people of same stream and add another dimension to your personality.

Faces Behind the Idea

CA Alkit Jain


CA Prashant Sharma

CA Prashant Sharma